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It sounds Cliche..... but Why do I Bake?

When I started Sweet Cheryl's a couple of years ago, I was asked what my "Why" was. After my 'aha' moment, I think the marketing specialist had to ask me Why 7 times before it clicked. I bake to spread JOY.

My Mom was and still is an amazing baker and candy maker. She is my inspiration. To this day, she bakes for Special Birthdays, her Great Grandkids' birthdays, Bake sales, Church Silent Auction Raffles and sometimes to just try out a new recipe.

Growing up, Mom would spend days making chocolates, candies and cookies for our mailman, our milkman, our teachers, friends and our pastor for the holidays. Our deep freezer on the back porch would be lined with all sorts of sweet treats the month of December. Being from Nebraska, and the back porch not being insulated, they stayed fresh and chilled. I sure wish I would have taken pictures. It was a beautiful sight and oh the smells. I can still remember how incredible it was opening the door to the the chilly air, and oh the was so amazing that I can still remember. Take a moment and close your eyes.... imagine smells of dark chocolate, peppermint, peanut butter, sweet rolls, cookies..... all the feels.

I remember carefully filling tins with a variety and making sure that each tin had the same amount of treats. Each tin was labeled and personally delivered. It brought JOY to my Mom and to the recipients. It brought JOY to me as well. There's no greater seeing the look on their faces as I handed them their gift.

Mom even shipped preciously packaged cookies and candies to me while I was in college. Everyone on the dorm floor enjoyed them. Even after moving to Arizona, she sent my favorite cookies and candies as a way of letting me know that she was thinking of me. Getting the surprise in the mail made me smile. She is my inspiration. Baking, shipping, delivering fresh baked sweet treats spreads JOY.

JOY is my 'why'! Welcome to Sweet Cheryl's.

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